Title Eksakta: Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA
Initials Eksakta
Abbreviation Eksakta
Print ISSN 1411-3724
Online ISSN 2549-7464
Publisher Universitas Negeri Padang
Frequency 4 issues per year
DOI prefix 10.24036
Editor-in-chief Dr. Rahadian Zainul, S.Pd., M.Si.




Description :
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA (E-ISSN : 2549-7464)  is an open access journal and peer-reviewed that publishes either original articles or reviews.  This journal is published by Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia. The journal is dedicated towards dissemination of knowledge related to the advancement in scientific research. The prestigious interdisciplinary editorial board reflects the diversity of subjects covered in this journal. Under the realm of science and technology, the coverage includes environmental science, pure and applied mathematics, agricultural research and engineering, biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, Healthcare sciences (including clinical medicine, preventive medicine & public health), physics, biophysics, computer science, chemistry and bioengineering, to name a few. 

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Vol. 22 No. 2 (2021): Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA (E-ISSN : 2549-7464) In Progress

April-June 2021

Published: Jun 30, 2021

Physiological Aspects Identification of the Aloe Vera Grown at Sukoharjo and Wonogiri District, Central Java

82-86 Ratna Dewi Eskundari, Nur Rokhimah Hanik, Sri Harsono

Community Attitude Toward The Behavior Of Reducing and Handling Plastic Waste In Water Sweet Beach Area, Padang City

87-101 Rira Fauziah Hasibuan, Nur Afrainin Syah, Ida Rahmah Burhan

Utilization of Dry Cocoa Pod Husks as an Antioxidant-Rich Herbal Drink

102-109 Ernarisa Fitri, Effendi Effendi, Azmi Azra

Modeling and Simulation Longitudinal Mobile Robotic with Rough Terrain and Ascent Angle Disturbance

110-136 Emilliano Emilliano, Hilwadi Hindersah

Study of The Antibacterial Activity of Endophytic Fungus That Colonize With The Twig of Andrographis paniculata

137-144 Varel Anshar Al Khairi, Sri Benti Etika, Suryelita Suryelita, Mariam Ulfah, Riga Riga

Pencil Lead Electrode Modified with Gold Thin Layer for Voltammetric Detection of Chromium (VI)

145-153 Trisna Kumala Sari, Riga Riga, Moondra Zubir

The Specific Growth Rate (SGR) Related to the Histology of Gonad and Liver of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Supplemented with Curcumin and Thyroxine Hormone

154-161 Livana Dethris Rawung, Ade Sunarma, Debby J. J. Rayer

Performance, Carcas And Broiler Lives With Giving Miana (Coleus atropurpureus, L) Leaves Fermentation Drink

162-173 Toni Malvin, Nelzi Fati, Debby Syukriani, Yurni Sari Amir, Ulva Mohtar L, Ramond Siregar
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