The Effect of Ethanol Solvent Concentration on Antimicrobial Activities The Extract of Andalas Endophytic Bacteria (Morus Macroura Miq.) Fermentation Product

1-6 Larasati Arum Utami, Dwi Hilda Putri

Convergence Analysis from the Solution of Riccati’s Fractional Differential Equation by Using Polynomial Least Squares Method

7-14 Dian Nuryani, Endang Rusyaman, Betty Subartini

The Use of Peanut’s Shells and Sawdust Absorbents for Reduced Iron (Fe) Levels of Dug Well Water Puspitaloka Residence Housing at Tanjungpinang City in 2019

15-23 Juliana Juliana, Hevi Horiza, Rinaldi Daswito

A Solution of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem of System With Rectangular Coefficients

24-28 Badrulfalah Badrulfalah, Iis Irianingsih, Khafsah Joebaedi

Study the Effect of pH on the Fermentation Anaerobic-Aerobic Siwalan (Borassus flabellifer L.) Sap to Produce Acetic Acid

29-35 Elly Agustiani, Destri Susilaningrum, Atiqa Rahmawati, Fibrillian Z.L., Dimas L.R.

Comparison of Serum HIF-1α Levels in Swimming Athletes Before and After Hypoxic Non-Hypoxic Exercise

36-39 Syahrastani Syahrastani, Argantos Argantos, Siska Alicia Farma

Interest Rate in Pension Plan Premium Calculation

40-45 Khafsah Joebaedi, Kankan Parmikanti, Agus Supriatna, Fauzi Akhmad, Badrulfalah Badrulfalah, Nendi Suhendi Syafei

The Similarity Measurement of Human DNA Profile Using Fuzzy Similarity

46-53 Meira Parma Dewi, Nurtami Soedarsono

Generalized Poisson Regression Type-II at Jambi City Health Office

54-58 Corry Sormin, Gusmanely Z, Nurhidayah Nurhidayah

Multivariate Analysis on The Determinants of Work Fatigue Factors for Nurses Inpatient Care at RSUD Arifin Achmad Hospital Pekanbaru

59-69 Devi Purnama Sari, Tjipto Suwandi, Endang Purnawati Rahayu