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Riccati's Fractional Differential Equation (RFDE) has become a topic of study for researchers because RFDE can model variety of phenomenon in science such as random processes, optimal control and diffusion problems. Phenomena that can be modeled in a mathematical form can make it easier for humans to analyze several things from that phenomenon. RFDE generally does not have an exact solution, therefore a numerical approach solution is needed, one of the methods that gives good accuracy to the actual or exact solution is Polynomial Least Squares, where the errors calculated based on mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) produce a percentage below 1%. In addition, the convergence of a sequence from approximate solutions indicates that the sequence will converge to a solution.


riccati's fractional differential equation polynomial least squares method mean absolute percentage error convergence analysis convergence

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Nuryani D, Rusyaman E, Subartini B. Convergence Analysis from the Solution of Riccati’s Fractional Differential Equation by Using Polynomial Least Squares Method. Eksakta [Internet]. 2020Apr.30 [cited 2021Mar.4];21(1):7-14. Available from: