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The aims of this research is to isolate and characterize steroids from cemara natal leafs (Cupressus funebris Endl). Isolation of this leafswas done by using colum chromatography with Step Gradient Polarity (SGP) on n-hexsane fraction. The characterization of the isolation compound results were melting point, Liberman Burchard reagent (LB), Br2/CCl4 reagent, UV spectroscopy, and IR spectroscopy. The isolation results from 4 Kg leafs was obtained 0.3726 gram (0.01% w/w) of pure white needle-shaped crystalline with the melting point of 139,4C. This pure crystalline was identified as steroids compound by Lieberman-Burchard (LB) reagentgives greenish-blue color indicates ( + ) steroids. By using /CCl4 reagent this steroids showed double bond character. This double bond character was identified non conjugated double bond (? max 203 nm) by using UV spectroscopy. IR spectroscopy results showed of fungsional groups O-H, C=C, and C-H.


Isolation, characterization, steroids

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Suryelita S, Etika SB, Kurnia NS. ISOLASI DAN KARAKTERISASI SENYAWA STEROID DARI DAUN CEMARA NATAL (Cupressus funebris Endl.). Eksakta [Internet]. 2017May5 [cited 2021May15];18(01):86-94. Available from: