CALL PAPER FOR VOLUME 20 No, 1 (April 2019)


Dear Author, we invite for all paper, review, and result of your research, for publish in Volume 20 No. 1 (April 2019). Scientific Periods EKSAKTA of MIPA concern to quality and open journal system and every submission will be processed not more than 7 days. We will review and process any paper, exceptly out of our journal focus and scope. We invite all of you to become our visitor reviewer if any interesting field with your specialization research by proof online CV data, i.e. ID Scopus, ID Sinta, Google Scholar etc. Thanks very much for your collaboration and trust, we will take priority in quality than quantity.

Best regards,

Dr. Rahadian Zainul, M.Si.

Physical Chemistry Division, Chemistry Department

Universitas Negeri Padang

ID Scopus : 56737195700

ID Sinta : 5980682