1. EKSAKTA Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA  first published in February 2000 with the Decree of the Dean of FMIPA UNP No.1528/K12.1.5/KP/1999 during the Dean of FPMIPA, Drs Idrus Ramli. EKSAKTA Chief Editor at that time : Dr. Aleks Maryunis, Deputy Editor in Chief : Drs. Syukri S, MPd. Secretary : Rahadian Z, S,Pd., M.Si. Editorial Board : Prof. Dr. M. Dachnel Kamars, M.A., Drs. Ali Amran, M.Pd., M.A., Ph.D., Drs Asrizal, M.Si., Dra Minda Azhar, M,Si., Drs. Syafriandi, M.Si., and Helendra, M.Si. Secretariat : Drs. Johni Azmi, M.S, Drs. Hendra Syarifuddin, M.Si., Ahmad Rizal Abidin, AMd dan Yulia Roza. From 2000-2016, Exactly published the MIPA and MIPA Education texts. In 2017, the Dean of FMIPA Prof Dr Lufri MS and Deputy of Dean Dr Yulkifli, M.Si through the Policy of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, journal management becomes two EKSAKTA sections (specifically the MIPA field script), and the Journal of EKSAKTA Education (JEP) in the MIPA Education field. Starting in Volume 18 No April 1, 2017, the Scientific Periodic EKSAKTA of MIPA began to implement the OJS system (Open Journal System).
  2. On Volume 19 No 2 2018 we have changed the language of the user interface of the Open Journal System to English.