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Inulin degrading bacteria is a potential source of inulin degrading enzymes, an enzyme which convert inulin into fructose and fructooligo-saccharides (FOS) prebiotic. The purpose of the study was to find inulin degrading bacteria. The methods that used to find inulin degrading bacteria were indirect and direct isolation method using inulin as the sole carbon source. Bacteria was characterized colony morphology. Inulin degrading bacteria were screened from two rizosphere dahlia tuber in West Sumatera (Solok  and Padang Panjang). In the research has been found five inulin degrading bacteria isolates. Isolate bacteria RZ-01, RZ-02 from rizosphere dahlia tuber in Padang Panjang, isolate bacteria A1-KG, A2-KG and UKG from rizosphere dahlia tuber in Solok. All isolates grow at room temperature and 40C. All isolates were classified as mesophilic bacteria. Shape and colour of RZ-01, A2-KG and UKG colonies were circular and white respectively. RZ-02, A1-KG colonies were circular and yellowish.


mesophilic bacteria, inulin-degrading bacteria, inulinase, inulin, fructose

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Azhar M, Ahda Y, Ihsanawati I, Puspasari F, Mawarni S, Risa B, Natalia D. SKRINING BAKTERI PENDEGRADASI INULIN DARI RIZOSFER UMBI DAHLIA MENGGUNAKAN INULIN UMBI DAHLIA. EKSAKTA [Internet]. 2017Nov.30 [cited 2024May27];18(02):13-20. Available from: