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Statistics study programme ofUniversitas Negeri Padang is a vocational program for three years which is contain field experience lecture (PKL) as premier lecture for students. Location for PKL in 2016 at some Central Bureau of Statistics or Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) around West Sumatra, and district government of Padang Utara. PKLs aim gives positive impact for students and stakeholders. So, it need an evaluation and study about quality of students services. It use Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) andImportance Performance Analysis (IPA). Stakeholders satisfaction during PKL by CSI is 81,72 %. It indicates stakeholder satisfied the services of students. Further analysis about accuracy of expectation and stakeholders perception can be showed by graph of IPA. The result shows there are some indicators must be increase by students i.e. understanding the theory of statistics (X1.5) and communication ability (X3.7). Generally, variable of assurance and empathy must be survived.

 Keywords: Stakeholders satisfaction, PKL, Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).


Stakeholderís satisfaction, PKL, Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

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Kurniawati Y, Amalita N, Syafriandi S. PENERAPAN IMPORTANCE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS DALAM MENILAI KEPUASAAN STAKEHOLDER TERHADAP KINERJA PKL MAHASISWA D3 STATISTIKA. Eksakta [Internet]. 2017Apr.25 [cited 2021May15];18(01):1-11. Available from: