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The concept of metric dimension is derived from the resolving set of a graph, that is measure the diameter among vertices in a graph. For its usefulness in diverse fields, it is interesting to find the metric dimension of various classes of graphs. In this paper, we introduce two new graphs, namely snowflake graph and generalized snowflake graph. After we construct these graphs, aided with a lemma about the lower bound of the metric dimension on a graph that has leaves, and manually recognized the pattern, we found that dim(Snow) = 24 and dim(Snow(n,a,b,c)) = n(a+c+1).


metric dimension metric representation snowflake graph

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Fajri MR, Fajri LH, Ashari J, Abdurrahman A, Arsyad A. On the Metric Dimension for Snowflake Graph. EKSAKTA [Internet]. 2022Nov.11 [cited 2022Nov.29];23(04):275-90. Available from:


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